Secure Offsite Backup

Support and Interaction

All technical support is handled by engineers that have the access, authority and expertise to solve any issue.

There are NO first level techs and no auto-responders or ticketing systems. You will always deal with a human engineer immediately.

You will receive support for all interaction you have with your filesystem. Support is unlimited, regardless of your tool, platform or implementation.

    We will solve your problem.

Records and Privacy does not retain access or usage logs, nor does it examine filesystem contents.

No data or meta-data concerning the behavior of our customers or filesystem contents will ever be divulged to any law enforcement agency without order served directly by a US court having jurisdiction. All such orders will be reported to our entire customer base.

Secret search and seizure and protected warrants are handled by our Warrant Canary. does not merely recommend that users encrypt their data, but provides resources, tutorials and unlimited technical support for such usage.

Flexibility adapts to, and fits, the needs of its users. Not the other way around.

Our support for open standards, and our adherence to the early Internet philosophy of "Be conservative in what you send, and liberal in what you will receive" make it possible for our customers to implement their filesystem in an unlimited number of applications using any of a wide number of protocols and tools.

We at are alarmed by the proliferation of proprietary software and hardware, restrictive technologies like DRM, and broken implementation of standards.

We encourage our users to implement their filesystem in whatever way they see fit, and are happy to learn of unconventional and unexpected uses.

Company History, a profitable US corporation with no debt, is an offshoot of JohnCompanies Collocation, one of the largest independent collocation ISPs in the US.

We have been providing offsite backup services since 2001, and operating under the "" brand name since 2005.