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Since 2001, the only offsite backup provider with truly global reach.

Your integration costs will be reduced dramatically with our standards-based tools. In most cases, no additional software is needed, and there are no licensing nor per-seat costs.

Our pricing model is simple, with no setup fees or contracts. There are no charges for usage, transfer, bandwidth or concurrency.

You will receive free, unlimited support from real engineers, via phone and email, for ANY use of our product.


Support You Can Rely On

All customers receive unlimited technical support, from real engineers, for ANY use of our platform.

In addition, free integration engineering (such as writing scripts, configuring backups, etc.) is available as well as 24/7 hotline support with a dedicated rep(*).

We accept physical media shipments - for account population or disaster recovery - of any size dataset.

Finally, our web-based control panel allows you to manage usage, geo-redundancy, and email alerts - no additional software is needed.

(*) 24/7 hotline support is available to 1TB and 10TB annual package customers.


Open Standards, Common Sense

We provide a regular filesystem running on our ZFS platform.

This simple offering gives you complete control over organization, retention, compression, and deduplication. You are NOT locked into a particular application or protocol, there are no constraints on file sizes, and your data is completely portable.

Leave retention to us - all accounts have 7 daily(*) snapshots (free of charge) and we can configure custom retention (14 days, 8 weeks, 2 months, etc.)

Protocols and Tools Supported:

- ssh, scp, sftp, ftp ... rsync, rdiff-backup, duplicity, Unison, git and git-annex
- IPV6 connectivity and dedicated Gigabit connections available
- BackupAssist, Backup Exec, Imaging, System Restore, and Bare Metal
- Seamless integration with VMWare, Xen, Citrix and Hyper-V
- ssh key based automation and support for remote UNIX commands
- Multiple logins and custom access/permissions
- Encrypted filesystem support


- SAS 70 Type II facilities (US Locations Only)
- HIPAA and HITECH compliance and reporting
- We will provide/sign Business Associate Agreements
- Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
- PCI compliant

(*) 1TB+ accounts have 7 days + 4 weeks of snapshots, free of charge


Use Cases

UNIX specific features and case studies

Windows specific features and case studies

Mac/OSX specific features and case studies


More Information

rsync.net publishes a wide array of support documents as well as a FAQ

Please see our HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance statements.

Contact info@rsync.net for more information, and answers to your questions.