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All technical support is handled by engineers that have the access, authority and expertise to solve your issue.

There are NO first level techs and no auto-responders or ticketing systems. You will always deal with a human engineer immediately.

You will receive support for all interaction you have with your rsync.net filesystem. Support is unlimited, regardless of your tool, platform or implementation.


For immediate support from an engineer, email:


To view space usage, edit contact information, manage bills:

     Web Based Account Manager


Integration Overviews - Start Here


Our Windows Integration Guide is here.

Our Mac OSX Integration Guide is here.


Unix/Linux HOWTOs


Generating and using ssh keys for automated backups

Remote commands you may run over SSH

Mounting locally in Linux with sshfs

Mounting locally in FreeBSD with sshfs

Encrypted, bandwidth efficient backups with Duplicity

Remote access of subversion repositories

Seamless FreeNAS Integration

Seamless github Integration

Seamless HostGator Integration


Windows HOWTOs


Connecting as a mapped drive letter

Powerful, automated backups with the rsync.net Windows Backup Agent

Advanced Backup Agent usage - versioning, compression, encryption

Enterprise Backups with BackupAssist (requires BackupAssist license)

Secure File Management with WinSCP


Macintosh HOWTOs


Seamless drag and drop access in the Finder

Powerful, scheduled backups with the built-in OSX rsync command

Efficient Remote Backup of Encrypted Disk Images

Local filesystem mount with sshFS for OSX

Standard FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access

Powerful Remote Command Execution and Pipelining


Other Resources


rsync.net Terms of Service

rsync.net physical delivery guidelines

rsync.net Warrant Canary

rsync.net SSH / SSL Server Fingerprints

rsync.net Certificate Authority Root Certificate

rsync.net PGP/GPG Public Key