Enterprise Offsite Backup Since 2001

Offsite Backup for Technical Mac Users

rsync.net gives you a remote UNIX filesystem that you can use as you see fit.

A wide range of access methods are available to the technical OSX user:

    - Finder integration with FUSE/sshFS
    - Powerful, scheduled backups with the built-in OSX rsync command
    - Efficient Remote Backup of Encrypted Disk Images
    - Standard FTP and SFTP access
    - Powerful Remote Command Execution and Pipelining

Using your standard OSX tools and our flexible filesystem is The Right Way to integrate offsite backup with your Mac.

Pricing is as low as 8 cents/GB, per month, with NO traffic/usage costs.

The Filesystem (and the Time Machine)

Your filesystem is a normal filesystem, and will preserve permissions, access times, and other attributes of your files. You can preserve your OSX metadata on our offsite filesystem.

Your filesystem automatically creates and maintains 7 days of versions, or snapshots of your data on our end that are fully live and browseable. This is identical to the "Time Machine" functionality in OSX and is enabled by default on your account.

In addition to the access methods detailed above, all rsync.net accounts can be accessed with git, subversion, duplicity, and s3tools. You may also perform remote database dumps, over SSH, with postgres (pg_dump) or MySQL (mysqldump).

There are NO arbitrary restrictions on your use of these tools to manipulate your filesystem. You may feel free to utilize or combine or rewrite these access methods in any way you see fit.


The rsync.net Advantage

For over 10 years, thousands of customers have enjoyed our "Open Standards, Common Sense" approach to offsite backup.

We are NOT reselling or rebranding any other service. We built and maintain our own infrastructure and have complete control over our platform.

You will receive unlimited, free technical support, over phone and email, for any use you make of our product.

Further, you will enjoy our comprehensive HIPAA/HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI compliance, as well as SAS 70 Type II facilities (US Only).

Finally, you will have a partner in your contingency planning, with a phone number to call when things go wrong.


Account Details

- Unlimited inbound and outbound data transfer

- Choose among several US and International locations

- IPV4 and IPV6 network connectivity

- Encrypted Filesystem Support

Please see our FAQ for more details...


More Information

rsync.net publishes a wide array of support documents that you may peruse, as well as a FAQ

For information regarding HIPAA compliance, please see our HIPAA compliance statement

For information regarding Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, please see our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance statement


Contact info@rsync.net for more information, and answers to your questions.