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It's easy to backup a github project (public or private) to your account.

Public or private, your github repositories can be stored immutably inside your account.


Public Repositories


If you want to clone something from github into an account, the syntax is:


ssh "git clone --mirror git:// udr"


This clones the LabAdvComp/UDR repository into the directory "udr" in the root of your account. supports cloning LFS assets:


ssh "git clone --mirror lfs-test-repo"


Private Repositories supports credential helpers, URL embedded passwords and git tokens.


Here is an example of invoking a credential helper and configuring a persistent credential store:


ssh "git config credential.helper store"
ssh "git clone --mirror ytdl_backup"
... several days later ...
ssh "git clone --mirror ytdl_backup"
... your credentials are used automatically ...


Here is an example of using a password embedded in your URL:


ssh "git clone --mirror ytdl_backup"


Here is an example of using a git token embedded in your URL:


ssh "git clone --mirror ytdl_backup"


... and there is a nice HOWTO for creating and using tokens here.


General git Use


There are more things you can do with git inside an account and they are outlined in this blog post.


Further References and Information


- Support Overview Page

- SSH / SSL Server Fingerprints

- Generating and using ssh keys for automated backups

- Remote commands you may run over SSH

- Physical delivery guidelines

- Warrant Canary

- PGP/GPG Public Key





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