and github


It's quick and easy to backup a github project (yours or anyones) to your account.


github example


If you want to clone something from github into an account, the syntax is:


ssh "git clone git:// udr"


This clones the LabAdvComp/UDR repository into the directory "udr" in the root of your filesystem. If you would like to create a subdirectory in your account (perhaps named "github") and clone into that, you would change your command line to:


ssh "git clone git:// github/udr"


Note the "git://" method in the above URL... This is necessary because the http:// or https:// methods do not work. You may need to edit the URL that github gives you on a particular projects page and change "https://" to "git://".


git Use In General


There are more things you can do with git inside an account and they are outlined in this blog post.




If you have any questions or problems regarding this process, please email - we will help you immediately.


Reference Information


- SSH / SSL Server Fingerprints

- Generating and using ssh keys for automated backups

- Remote commands you may run over SSH

- Physical delivery guidelines

- Warrant Canary

- PGP/GPG Public Key


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