Offsite Backup for Your Customers

Management and Control for You


Our state of the art ZFS Platform is available to VARs and other resellers to deploy to their customers.

Immediately provide a global cloud storage network - fully branded as your own - that you may resell in any way you see fit.

There are no setup or licensing fees and no per-seat fees.

Billing is metered - you only pay for the storage your clients use.


Powerful Management and Billing Features


Each of your client accounts is an independent, standalone account and you may have as many of these as you like.

You may request new accounts from support or you may completely automate your provisioning with our simple API.

In our web-based console you can see, at a glance, per-client usage, graph usage trends, and see idle time alerts.

Each month you will receive detailed usage reports via email as well as an XML formatted RSS feed - this allows you to automate billing and invoicing for your clients and their usage.

You may also create your own DNS names ( so that the service is labeled as your own.


Flexibility and Compatibility for Your Clients


Our platform is based on open standards: any tool that runs over SSH/SFTP will work perfectly with our platform.

You may configure each client individually with single or multi-site redundancy and you may mix and match clients on any of our global locations - all from a simple web based management console.

In addition to perfect integration with backup tools like Mountain Duck, BackupAssist, Arq and R1Soft, we also have perfect point and click integration with Synology, QNAP and ReadyNAS NAS devices.

Apple Mac (OSX) systems and UNIX/Linux systems are especially simple to integrate as they already have rsync installed by default - there is nothing to install and setup takes less than one minute.


It Pays to be an Reseller


Every month we calculate the total, aggregate usage of all of your clients and bill you for exactly that amount.

Your quantity discount is based on the aggregate total - not just the usage of any single client.

This means that if your combined client usage gets you to our 100 TB discount tier, you pay that much smaller rate for all of your storage - even the smaller clients that might only use 100 or 200 GB each.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have 5 large clients that use a combined total of 100 TB. You will be paying us $1000 per month for that 100 TB of space, and perhaps charging your large clients a total of $400 or $600 per month.

But now let's say that you bring on a client that has much smaller offsite backup needs - perhaps 200 GB. You will be paying us $2/mo for that additional 200 GB of space, but your itemized monthly bill to that customer will have something like this:

200 GB Offsite Backup - Denver Location - $24

Your client is perfectly happy - just $24 to have all of their data backed up offsite by their trusted consulting partner.

Meanwhile, you're making more than 1000% margin on your smaller client.


Rely on to Serve You and Your Customers provides free, unlimited phone and email support, from US based engineers.

We will provide integration engineering for your clients as well as support any use-case that you present.

Remember, this is our own platform that we designed and built - we are not just reselling someone else's cloud.


Reseller Pricing and Signup


The per-gigabyte cost for cloud storage is the same for end users and resellers, however a reseller is given a quantity discount based on their entire, aggregate usage across all of their clients.

This means that your total quantity as a reseller qualifies you for much lower pricing than any one of your individual clients would receive alone.


Click here for the Reseller Order Form - Or call 619-819-9156 or email for more information.



What Makes Special


We are the only cloud storage provider that gives customers a UNIX filesystem to do what they want with.

We are NOT reselling another cloud - we built our own infrastructure and have complete control over our platform.

Our ZFS platform provides resiliency and allows clients to configure point-in-time snapshots that are immutable.

We have a world class, IPV6-capable network with locations in three US cities as well as Zurich and Hong Kong.

You will receive unlimited, free technical support, over phone and email, for any use you make of our product.

We offer customizable monitoring and alerts, free of charge, using email, SMS, Pushover and webhook calls.

We've been doing this since 2001.


More Information publishes a wide array of support documents as well as a FAQ has been tested, reviewed and discussed in a variety of venues.

You, or your CEO, may find our CEO Page useful.

Please see our HIPAA, GDPR, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance statements.




Click here for the Reseller Order Form - Or call 619-819-9156 or email for more information.