Windows Integration Overview

Our flexibility = your options for backing up your Windows Desktops and Servers


Remember - our open platform will work with any tool based on SSH/SFTP/SCP - so you can easily connect and browse with Filezilla, WinSCP, Putty, etc.

Most likely, you will probably want to set up automated backups with a backup tool, and browse through your account with a mapped drive letter.

Remember - we ( are always here to help you no matter what tools/options you use.


The Free and Full Featured Windows Backup Agent


You don't need to license new software to do full featured, enterprise caliber backups of your desktops and servers at

Our Windows Backup Agent, which we have supported since 2006, is available for your immediate use and has powerful options to serve you.

This Simple HOWTO will step you through downloading, installing and running the Windows Backup Agent.


Enterprise Exchange/SQL and Win Server Backups with BackupAssist


Our Windows Backup Agent is a fantastic, full featured tool and has the benefit of being free to use for customers.

However, there are some advanced features that only BackupAssist (which requires a license) can provide.

If you require any of the following: individual Exchange mailbox backup and restore, Hyper-V imaging and backup, bare metal restore images ... you should consider licensing a copy of BackupAssist.

This detailed BackupAssist HOWTO discussed the use of this powerful backup suite that is appropriate for enterprise and datacenter servers.


Browsing Your Backups and Snapshots and Doing Restores


You may access your account with ANY tool that runs over SSH/SFTP/SCP.

This means that you may connect with Filezilla, WinSCP, Konqueror, the drive mapper, and hundreds of other SFTP/SCP based tools.

Your filesystem snapshots (7 daily snapshots for most accounts, 7 daily + 4 weekly for 1TB+ accounts) are located in the .zfs/snapshots directory in the root of your account.

A Windows user will probably prefer the drive mapper as it provides a regular drive letter on your Windows desktop that you can use like any other local drive.


Some Additional HOWTOs


- Secure file management with WinSCP

- Using git-annex on Windows


Reference Information


- SSH / SSL Server Fingerprints

- Generating and using ssh keys for automated backups

- Remote commands you may run over SSH

- Physical delivery guidelines

- Warrant Canary

- PGP/GPG Public Key


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