Physical Delivery of Data to can receive your data on physical media to populate your account, and can also send you data on physical media for rapid disaster recovery.

100TB+ customers receive two physical media shipments (in or out) per year, free of charge. All other customers will be charged USD $250 per incident, plus shipping and disk (or USB) drive costs.


Determining Whether to Ship or Not


You should ship your initial backup (your "seed" backup) to us if your Internet connection is not fast enough to do this transfer in a few weeks or less.

Remember, rsync and other programs have the ability to pick up where they left off, and gracefully complete broken transmissions, so even if it takes several restarts and two or more weeks, transferring your initial backup to us over the network may be the best choice.

Our support team can help you calculate your transfer speeds and decide whether uploading or shipping makes the most sense.


Formatting of Media


Our storage arrays are FreeBSD systems, and they can read either ext2 or FAT32 (or, of course, UFS2 or ZFS)

NOTE: Most Windows systems cannot properly format a large USB drive with FAT32 without using a special tool.

If you download and install this tool you should be able to format your drive as FAT32.

Mac OSX systems can create FAT32 formatted USB drives using the Disk Utility.


Additional Logistics


We can return your seed drive to you immediately, or we can store it for you locally - in the event of a catastrophe, we would already have media on hand to send your data back to you.

Alternatively, we can destroy your media.

For large physical data transfer, we can build and format a small NAS device to use to mail your data. Additional charges may apply.




If you have any problems with this process, do not hesitate to email - we will help you immediately, and have you up and running that same day.


Click here for Simple Pricing - Or call 619-819-9156 or email for more information.