Open Standards

Common Sense

A regular UNIX filesystem accessed with SSH

Petabyte Scale gives you a real, live UNIX filesystem running on our 99.9999% resilient ZFS platform. This cloud storage can be scaled to multiple Petabytes in size without the limitations and hidden costs of Amazon Glacier and Google Nearline. You may access the account with any tool that runs over SSH or FTP.     Read more about our platform here.

Gigabit Speed

We have a world class storage network with locations in three US cities as well as Zurich and Hong Kong. Depending on your requirements, we can accomodate 10 gigabit network connectivity on Internet or Internet2. We support IPV6 and HPN-SSH. We also provide physical delivery for emergency restores.      Read more about our platform here.


secure provides cloud storage for offsite backups and nothing else. There are no other functions or systems or services running. This extreme simplicity enables unparalleled security.
There is no web based access to your account - all access is through SSH and is encrypted. Your account is further protected by daily and weekly snapshots of your entire dataset that are mounted read-only.
Every single account on our extremely secure FreeBSD platform is jailed in its own chroot.

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Custom Server-Side Cron jobs

Fully Managed (BaaS) Backups (Optional)

Simple, Secure, Standards-Based Cloud Storage