ReadyNAS Integration at

Your Infrant/Netgear ReadyNAS can integrate with cloud backups




The ReadyNAS NAS device does NOT have a web based interface for rsync backups, unfortunately. (*)

This means that in order to set up rsync backups to, you do need to enable the command line interface.

Luckily, this is very well documented and is a common procedure with these devices.

* We recommend Synology NAS devices because they DO allow rsync backups to be configured and scheduled from the web based UI


Install EnableRootSSH Plug-in from the ReadyNAS Website


We have tested the raidiator 4.2 (x86) EnableRootSSH which is here.

After you have installed this plugin, reboot your ReadyNAS device and note this new message / log entry:

Successfully enabled root SSH access. The root password is now the same as your admin password.

You can now log into your ReadyNAS device over SSH, logging in as the root user.


rsync Backups From Your ReadyNAS Device to


Now that you are logged into the ReadyNAS device over SSH, setting up rsync backups is the same as setting them up from any Linux based system.

Simply follow detailed instructions for creating and running rsync backups.




If you have any problems with this process, do not hesitate to email - we will help you immediately, and have you up and running that same day.


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