Petabyte Scale Offsite Backup Cloud Storage is now available in Petabyte quantities at 1 cent/GB


There are no additional charges for usage/bandwidth/transfer.

Depending on usage, this is a 10% to 40% discount vs. Amazon S3

Unlike Amazon Glacier, this is live, fully accessible cloud storage.


Data Safety and Regulatory Compliance


Your offsite backup and disaster recovery requirements will be met by our state of the art, ZFS backed platform (*), and our team of real engineers.

You will receive comprehensive, custom-tailored contract and compliance support. WE will fit our terms, SLAs, BAAs and retention policies to fit YOURS.

Your operations will be simplified and your costs will be lowered.

* 99.9999% resiliency with single location storage - dual location is available.


Open Standards, Common Sense


We provide a live, offsite filesystem - all of your data is online and accessible. No more ordering data sets or waiting for tapes to load...

Our platform is based on open standards - like ZFS for data safety/consistency and SSH for security. Any ssh-based protocol or tool will work here

We will manage and support whatever existing systems you may have in place.


Simple Pricing


Our pricing for accounts 1PB and larger is 1 cent per GB, per month.

There are no charges for usage or traffic and increases beyond 1 Petabyte can be added in 100 TB increments.

Payment can be made monthly, but a two year contract is required.

All Petabyte accounts come with these features:

- 24/7/365 hotline phone support with US based engineers
- Custom integration engineering
- User configurable daily/weekly/monthly snapshots of your entire dataset
- 2 free physical media shipments per year (*)
- Custom SLA for PCI/SOX and BAA signatures for HIPAA compliance

Local mirrors ("hybrid cloud"), two-site storage, and full management of your onsite and offsite backup operations are also available.

Email us for signup and further pricing information.

* Two instances of physical data shipment, in either direction, are included each year. Customer pays for shipping and consumables only. Additional physical deliveries are provided at a rate of USD $250 per incident.


More Information publishes a wide array of support documents as well as a FAQ

You, or your CEO, may find our CEO Page useful.

Please see our HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance statements.

Contact for more information, and answers to your questions.




Click here for Simple Pricing - Or call 619-819-9156 or email for more information.