Cloud Storage for Offsite Backup ... for clueful Mac users. gives you a filesystem in the cloud to do what you like with. ANY tool that works over SSH will work with our platform.

Configurable day/week/month snapshots on our end allow you to match your existing Time Machine retention in the cloud.

If you're not sure what any of this means, our product is Not For You.


The Filesystem (and the Time Machine)


You can use a backup tool (like rsync) to transfer files, or just drag and drop with the finder. You can do the backups on a schedule, or on demand. You can access your files from any system, anywhere, without installing anything.

Your account is a normal filesystem, and will preserve permissions, access times, and other attributes of your files.[1]

Your account maintains daily and weekly versions[2], or "snapshots", of your data. These snapshots are live and fully browseable. This is identical to the "Time Machine" in OS X, except that it's offsite with us.

[1] rsync versions 3.10 and later have proper HFS metadata support, confirmed working with our platform
[2] 7 daily snapshots (7 daily + 4 weekly for TB+ accounts) are configured by default, but you may configure ANY NUMBER of days/weeks/months




rsync is already installed on your mac:

rsync -avX /Users/joe


... and so is scp:

scp /Users/joe/photo.jpg


It's all just SSH, so you can mount locally with FUSE:

sshfs /Volumes/sshfs


... stash a copy of that repo that only exists on github:

ssh "git clone git:// github/udr"


Ok, now we're just showing off:

ssh md5 some/file

mysqldump -u mysql db | ssh "dd of=db_dump"

ssh s3cmd get s3://rsynctest/mscdex.exe


A comprehensive list of all remote commands and tools available on our platform can be found here.


Simple, Competitive Pricing


Our pricing is 4 cents per GB, per month.

There are additional discounts for larger (10+ TB) quantities.

Start with a 200 GB account for only $8 per month.

No other costs. No contracts. All transfer/bandwidth/usage is free.



The Advantage


For over 10 years, thousands of customers have enjoyed our "Open Standards, Common Sense" approach to offsite backup.

We are NOT reselling or rebranding any other service. We built and maintain our own infrastructure and have complete control over our platform.

You will receive unlimited, free technical support, over phone and email, for any use you make of our product.

Further, you will enjoy our comprehensive HIPAA/HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI compliance, as well as SAS 70 Type II facilities (US Only).

Finally, you will have a partner in your contingency planning, with a phone number to call when things go wrong.


More Information publishes a wide array of support documents as well as a FAQ

You, or your CEO, may find our CEO Page useful.

Please see our HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance statements.

Contact for more information, and answers to your questions.




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